About us

Kolme Krooni Klubi was established to introduce the life and customs of Estonian soldiers in Harjumaa land regiment under the leadership of oberst Bogislaus von der Pahlen during the Great Northern War.

10 January 1701 is considered to be the creation of Harjumaa land regiment. A project with an aim to gather local forces to defend Estonia was then completed in Laiuse.

We are also presenting Tallinn's permanent garrison battalion of Estonians under the leadership of Carl Johann von Huene. Tallinn's permanent garrison battalion was formed by Carl XII on 17 October 1706.

The grenadiers of our club are wearing the classic blue-yellow uniforms: dark blue coats with yellow lining and collar, blue socks and black hats with yellow tricorne.

Our artillery consists of muskets, swords and three pounder cannon. 

The capability of our club is currently 5 grenadiers. 

Our history reaches back to 2006. We have participated festivals in Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Finland and Sweden.